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Hope it's a good start, lol I've done research on the web the last few years trying to get as much knowledge as possible so I hope it pays off as I feel like I finally found the right path. No I am a senior at SIU down south. I switched from architecture to management to finance (real estate) an seems like it was the right way to get into development. Also noticed thru MRED n grad school research they put emphasis on leadership and having a genuine interest in RE, which is why I hope things like my club/ULI present not only resume boosters but hopefully opportunities.

Yeah ULI looked like a good chance to get some real knowledge on how the industry works and since it's my last semester to get it as a student I am planning on it getting it anytime.

I never looked at GPA and admittance into grad school like that but I guess you are probably right. I think me trying to be admitted into grad right after I graduate is prly unrealistic even though it'd be nice...but I guess if it can help earn a better degree getting good experience right away can only help. I def feel like if I can somehow pull off getting UW, NW, or now I'm looking at Depaul more extensively I'll be set for a good career. Depaul has gone up my list since all I've heard lately is the importance of gaining connections where you intend on working and also they offer opportunities for students to work and attend grad programs concurrently. We'll see what happens the real world is coming pretty quick...
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