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Anyone know the developer? Is this is a legitimate development? The developer's website lacks anything remotely to this scale and most of their "selected" work is of the low to mid-rise variety. They certainly do not appear to be a power player with the track record to pull off something of this massive scope...

A little nervous that this, as that absurd River City proposal, is more bait and flip than shovels in the ground. Anyone know more?

The only thing I can add is that according to the notification, they have been in talks with a LSNA committee of near neighbors for almost a year to address concerns and incorporate suggestions. I would assume they are serious if they have been working with representatives living in the area but I guess we will know more after the meeting. Also, as summers pointed out, they mentioned a grocery store in a previous meeting. TJ's often has a line out the door to get into the store so I think the area could support another one, especially with all of the buildings going up in the next few years.
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