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Some Lansing / East Lansing Catch-Up, in reverse-chronological order:

Downtown Lansing, Courtyard Marriott Hotel opens today, 02/11/21 -

Source: Twitter | @GillespieGrp (Gillespie Group) - edited

North Grand Parking Ramp in downtown Lansing has a new art mural by Bruce Mackley, photographed 02/02/21 -

Source: Twitter | @LCCPresident (Steve Robinson)

02/02/21 - 60 wind turbines are being planned for in Southeast Ingham County by Apex Clean Energy. This could potentially impact 5 rural townships. Each turbine would be 650 ft. high, and combined, they could produce up to 300MW.

People weigh in on proposed wind farm in Leroy Twp
Brittany Flowers | WLNS
February 02, 2021
This is quite preliminary still, but could be an economic generator in the area. You can view the project presentation here -

Source: WLNS | Courtesy Apex Clean Energy

01/30/21 - East Lansing's The Abbot is getting a Dunkin' and Walgreens -

Source: East Lansing Info

01/29/21 - The Graduate Hotel is nearing completion and will open this Spring -

Source: East Lansing Info

Demolition of Lansing Community College's (LCC's) Gannon Parking Ramp began on January 04, 2021. The plan is to take down the current structure and then erect a new structure on the same site, for a net increase of about 700 - 800 parking spaces. Construction completion is estimated for August 2022 (which seems to me like a long while for a parking deck, even with demolition activities and potential COVID-19 delays considered) -

LCC parking project starts with Gannon ramp demolition
Mark Johnson | Lansing State Journal
January 15, 2021

Source: Nick King | Lansing State Journal

Here's two renderings of the Montgomery Drain / Ramney Park project. It's a pretty cool, fairly massive, ongoing project by the County Drain Commissioner to improve stormwater mitigation in neighborhoods along the Red Cedar River in East Lansing. It involves daylighting the Montgomery Drain and bringing various forms of green infrastructure to the Ramney Park site. It will restore natural habitats and clean up the pollution in the Red Cedar River -

Source: Wade Trim

An early-morning photo of McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital from last month (01/06/21) -

Source: McLaren Greater Lansing

University Edge at MSU is set to open this Fall. Older photos from November 05 and 12, 2020, via their Facebook page -

Source: Facebook | University Edge at MSU

Source: Facebook | University Edge at MSU

Source: Facebook | University Edge at MSU

Source: Facebook | University Edge at MSU

Source: Facebook | University Edge at MSU

Source: Facebook | University Edge at MSU

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