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East Lansing is nearing the completion of its Avenue Form District. You can view the public draft here. This is a proposed Form Based Code that will be aligned along Grand River Ave. from East Lansing's eastern edge all the way to its western border with Lansing. Where it overlaps the existing East Village FBC the new Avenue Form District will supersede it. But it will not supersede the existing 160 ft. height overlay for East Lansing's downtown core.

East Lansing also passed some updates to its existing code last week. In a nutshell, it simplified the maximum height regulations and added some special use requirements to allow parking reductions. It also removed some special-use permit requirements for any businesses selling alcohol consumed off premise where the sales take up less than 25% of the floor area.

In other news,

Lansing Housing Commission to break ground on nearly $29 million in low-income housing improvements
Sarah Lehr and Christian Martinez | Lansing State Journal
December 17, 2020

LANSING – Lansing's public housing authority is breaking ground this month on nearly $29 million in improvements at low-income housing. Upgrades are set to be completed over the next 15 to 18 months at Mount Vernon Park and South Washington Park, two housing complexes spanning 327 units...
This remodel work will include new roofs, new flooring, masonry repair, new security cameras, fire safety & HVAC upgrades, and new appliances. It is being funded through Lansing Payment in Lieu of Taxes, MSHDA tax credits, and HUD's RAD program. The article also mentions that the Commission intends o update the its other properties in the future, including LaRoy Froh Townhouses, Hildebrandt Park Apartments, and the Oliver Gardens Apartments.

Mount Vernon Park is off of N. Grand River Ave. near the airport. South Washington Park is oriented along S. Washington Ave. near McLaren Greater Lansing. Interestingly, both complexes will receive new names, and one will transition to all-senior housing -

Mount Vernon Park, located on Waverly Road, will become Waverly Place. South Washington Park will eventually become seniors-only housing known as Capital City Senior Apartments. Non-seniors will be not be kicked out of South Washington; rather, the LHC plans to make the transition through attrition...
I'm not local so I don't know, but I'm guessing that like many public housing communities, the current names have negative connotations, hence the proposed name changes?
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