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Can't believe how quickly the Streeterville lots are evaporating this cyle. If Tribune Tower's lots get developed there will be like three parcels left South of Illinois or Ohio: North of NBC, Spire Site, and South of NBC along the river. I have a feeling we have better chances of seeing something spectacular at those sites now that everything else has been mopped up.

Also, I'm one who doesn't understand the hatred of this design or One Museum Park for that matter. Sure OMP has issues with how it interacts with the street and is Burj Dubai lite, but it's a decent bookend to that corner site. Everyone who comes in from out of town is always asking me "what's that cool one by Soldier Field" and it's always OMP. Certainly it is no revolution in design and is a bit over the top with it's crazy tiara, but I don't exactly find it revolting. Same goes with this project, sure it's nothing special, but it's no worse than Lowes next door and certainly not as awful as many of the precast or "window wall" tower's we get. The oval shape will be a nice break from all the squareness in this area of Streeterville as well. Should also serve to open up some nice sight lines from the tower.