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Exactly. One of my frustrations with the way we do "public meetings" in this country is that the only people ever heard from are the whiners who already know they hate it. Even if an alderman wants to responsibly represent his constituents, the torchbearers who came to oppose any change will always outshout or even intimidate the folks with open minds. (And—my god, the level of ignorance and misunderstanding always on display.)

I think this particular scheme is utterly bizarre, fiscally irresponsible as a state investment, and makes no sense as a "civic asset"—but I get so frustrated by some of the idiocy I hear at these meetings (my window will be cast into darkness, there might be construction noise, it will kick up carcinogenic dust, strangers might come within sight of my townhouse, waaaaahhhhh) that I sometimes want to go to the microphone and let loose with both barrels.
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