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Originally Posted by ChiHi View Post
I haven't had a chance to attend the meetings yet but I live in one of the buildings at 18th St and the tracks and the people in my building have been getting their torches ready for this thing for a while now. Given that for the most part I'm in favor of it, I've learned to just stay silent in my building just to maintain some peace.
It might be a good idea to voice your support in hopes that other residents who also approve of the plan come out of the woodwork. Otherwise it will feel like everyone is against it, and not just a vocal minority.

(And I'm not saying that's the case - it's possible that the majority of your building is against One Central. But if no one stands for it because it means getting involved in the noise, then nothing gets done. It's why I appreciate when people at community meetings stand up just to voice their approval, without a question or a complaint.)
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