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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
We don't know that the bus station will never get developed - but it was paid for with Federal money, and the Feds don't take too kindly when you tear down brand new facilities just a few years after they open. They might ask for their money back, as they did for the 63rd St branch of the Green Line in 1997 when the city decided to tear that down*.

As Mr. D speculated awhile back, the bus terminal site is plenty of space for a second tower that could include an enclosed bus terminal in its base. Maybe in the next development cycle, or the one after that, once the terminal has passed the 12 or 15 year mark. It's probably good to let this area grow over time, instead of putting up as many blue-glass towers as possible, all at once...
You are exactly right on why the bus station could not be modified so soon after construction. The current PD only leaves less than 500,000 sf allotted for the bus station sub area, which if the bus station ever does get redeveloped in the future, that would result in only a modest tower, or there would need to be a new or modified PD.
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