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Originally Posted by Via Chicago View Post
compare that above building to the below.

like we can look at their prior designs and the hand they take in crafting something that feels light and airy and part of its environment, with an eye towards careful material selection and integration with nature and small details. i dont know how you think a firm that makes designs like this would ultimately wind up making something that would come off as overbearing

you can say what you will but these are very thoughtful, welcoming, sensitive buildings. and i truly believe this building would be approached with the same level of sensitivity, even if it does happen to be tall for its surroundings. at this point i think this couple has earned the benefit of the doubt.
Lol, your comparing the worst amateur photo of a building to close up shots of buildings from professional design catalogs.

Those buildings don't inspire me, they are bland and dull. They strip out all decorative elements and human culture and leave you with weird random shapes. I'm talking about buildings that bring humanity and culture.

What does this one say about human culture?

It could be in a suburb of Chicago, Cleveland, Taiwan, it happens to be in Mumbai. It's a building of nowhere and says nothing, it's blank and dehumanizing. It looks like a borg cube.
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