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Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
An dense streetgrid may be a bit much to ask, but I think we should at least expect a couple of through and interconnected streets, something akin to the layout Mr. D has depicted above, as a bare minimum.

Definitely we cannot accept a Dearborn Park kind of situation.
Agreed. I understand the existing constrains on the site, and the inability to add more north/south through streets other than Wells/Wentworth and LaSalle/Delano, but not having additional east west streets to connect to Clark (and God willing, to the rest of the South Loop once Dearborn Park can be addressed) seems foolish, and future traffic nightmare scenarios on 15th St, which is the ONLY street to connect Clark, LaSalle, and Wells to each other.

At the very minimum, 14th St should be extended from Clark all the way to Wells. Doing the same to 13th St. would be wise as well, since that will give more options for traffic to flow and disperse. Having a nearly 1/2 mile stretch of Wells with no traffic lights risk turning it into an auto-sewer as cars race along it during rush periods to get to/from downtown and neighborhoods further south.

Hopefully the planning department sees this as well, and advises Related to allow for additional east-west streets, although I'm not holding my breath...
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