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May 15, 2009

It's not that they're tired of the rickety, wooden Cyclone, but city officials want a new roller coaster in Coney Island to rival the 81-year-old landmark.

With a temporary amusement park called Dreamland set to open today at the former Astroland Park, the Bloomberg administration considers its plan to boost the fabled shore front anything but a pipe dream.

A city-appointed panel of industry experts yesterday released recommendations for officials tasked with soliciting proposals for a 27-acre boardwalk amusement and entertainment district. Besides a new roller coaster with a drop tower, recommendations for the boardwalk include water rides, a House of Horror or Tunnel of Love-like indoor ride, and rides suitable for kids.

The remaining off-boardwalk property should include indoor amusements, restaurants and hotels but no big-box or mall retail, the panel said.

Workers, meanwhile, set up some of the 25 traveling carnival rides that will be part of Dreamland Amusement Park, a temporary fix by developer Joe Sitt until the city builds its new park.
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