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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
A Red Line connection actually makes sense. I'd probably use it to run full-time express trains to the North Side - essentially making the Purple Line have 22-hour service and running it in the subway instead of the Loop. But I'd swap the North Side service so Red Line trains to 95th run express and Purple Line trains to Museum Campus run local. Evanston folks can change to the Red Line for express service, since they already have a one-seat ride to downtown with Metra.

I don't know how they can physically build a Red Line connection to One Central, though. There's not a lot of room where the South Main Line crosses over the SCAL, you'd have to tear down a decent sized condo building.
I am certainly not a transit planner but I wonder if it would make any sense - or be feasible - to split the Red Line with two spurs. One over to this area and one to Streeterville that would approach Navy Pier (I believe there was always hope of better rail to that area). Trains from 95th could terminate and turn back from Streeterville and those from Howard would turn back from somewhere south of this development. Of course, there would be no rail yards at either spur.
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