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... Pier 70, where the developer Forest City is in the process of developing a mixed-use project with at least 1,600 homes, 9 acres of parkland and more than 1 million square feet of commercial space.

The object that had to be moved was the steel frame of Building 15, one of the historic structures that will be mixed in with new construction at the old shipyard. The frame will be a decorative centerpiece of the new neighborhood, the gateway of an extended 22nd Street that will connect Dogpatch to the waterfront.

At 153.5 tons, the frame isn’t something that could be moved easily; ...

Finally they decided that the most efficient approach — and the one most likely to allow it to retain its historic integrity — was to simply roll it 200 feet to the south and leave it there during the 18 months it will take to build 22nd Street.


In its previous life, during the dark days of World War II, Pier 70’s Building 15 was ... a place steel panels of ship hulls were stored before being rolled out to the slipway for assemblage.

But in the new vision for the mixed-use development at Pier 70, the building’s massive steel frame will play a leading role, as pedestrians, cyclists and motorists traveling to and from the pier will pass through it.


Where Building 15 stood Wednesday morning, workers will stack between five and 10 feet of new soil before they start building structures, a necessary upgrade to account for expected sea level rise over the next decades.
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