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Originally Posted by gopokes21 View Post
I mean you're entitled to your opinion, leave or go, but at least characterize people correctly. We aint conservative lol... unless it comes to Denver paying for Boulder's useless/redundant train.

Boulder has better bus and BRT service than anywhere else in the metro. It also happens to be 35 miles away and surrounded by a buffalo preserve of their own creation for the literal express purpose of keeping a barrier between them and Denver. Then you accuse people who oppose a $2 billion train that duplicates service that already exists of "being conservative," when Denver has NEVER voted against a tax increase and would likely tax itself again to have actual transit that serves Denver. The State of CO and RTD just keep rewarding cities that ARE conservative and DO vote down every tax proposal because they know they can just get the state or Denver to pay for everything.

Boulder is conservative and unwelcoming, all the limousine liberal virtue signaling BS aside. Denver is progressive and welcoming to all. Let's get that one thing straight. Why should the progressive metro pay for the conservative city's sh**?
The argument you present is bullsh*t and one sided and is the theme of this blog, so this may be my last post. Boulder is barely farther than other parts of the Denver metro area that are served by train. It is an intuitive destination in the train network and should be logically connected to the whole network. I don't understand the whole Denver vs. Boulder perspective of this blog. Boulder is part of the Denver metro area the same way Pasadena is part of the LA metro area, or Berkeley or San Jose is part of the SF metro area, or Cambridge part of the Boston metro area etc. And the repeating comments that we have BRT service equivalent to a train service is also bullsh*t. It's an express bus that only resembles BRT by the design of the stations....that's it. So, it is unfair that Boulder doesn't have the same level of service as other parts of the metro area and just because you have negative perceptions of the people that live in Boulder doesn't mean it does not deserve the service it voted for. Taxes from Boulder have contributed to the construction of lines in other areas. The whole us vs. them mentality of the blog is depressing to me. Good bye.
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