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Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
Boulder has better transit service than any other place of comparable population in Colorado.

The problem with the train is it goes to the wrong places. It misses the actual places people use transit to reach: Downtown and CU.

Boulder does not need a every expensive train that doesn't serve useful stops and very few people to ride, just to have the status symbol of getting a train instead of a bus. That wouldn't be getting its fair share. That would be prioritizing Boulder's status over its actual transit service, which, um, no.

If Boulder wanted to change its zoning to allow 50,000 or so more people to live by 30th Street station, then there might be a case for the train being worth it. But Boulder would rather push that growth out to the plains.
if we aren't willing to value the cultural impact boulder provides the state/country/world properly, then we deserve nothing. this isn't monopoly and boulder isn't just another average title in our hold. boulder is a magnificent cultural center of learning and more. world renowned for what is provides all of us in so many ways. we should celebrate the jewel that boulder is and help it in any way we can. this isn't a zero zum world, right? throwing resources toward progress in every way is critical, especially now in a time when free thought and truth is under attack.

i say build boulder a train or a gondola or a giant drone transport system or whatever else would be awesome that help shine a light on progress, learning, truth, and the american dream.
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