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Originally Posted by OrdoSeclorum View Post
I'm not transit planner, but I feel that BRT can provide most of the benefit of a circle line.

For me, what I'd love to see is a Clinton Street Subway and through-running trains through a West Loop Transportation Center high quality BRT on LSD, Ashland and a couple E-W streets. That's my Chicago transit dream. Though obviously making the Red Line be all it can be should be job #1. We are so lucky that so much of our density lies in one long line along the lake. What we need now is to generally improve walkability and bikability and maximize the productivity and efficiency of the Central Area.
I agree to an extent. I think BRT could easily accomplish what a circle line sets to accomplish at a fraction of the price. I would just want to see it done right, and not be a half-ass BRT situation where they have to deal with traffic situations, etc. Not sure we need BRT on LSD though. For folks wanting to get North-South, the Red Line serves that purpose pretty well. Not against it though. I would love to see a new West Loop transportation center. Ogilville is nice, but it just serves Metra, no other service. I don't really use Union Station, so not sure what can be done there. Having a nice shiny new center in the West loop to help tie in different services would be sick.
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