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Originally Posted by thegoatman View Post
Why you say that? The Red Line south route stops pretty early on when there's a whole bunch of city left.
Lol the city limits are totally irrelevant. The other parts of the metro served by Heavy Rail like Evanston and Berwyn and Skokie and Oak Park are multiple times denser than the 100's....

Originally Posted by Halsted & Villagio View Post
Thanks buddy ^ for calling many of my tax paying, law abiding, hardworking relatives - "no one".

What a joke, where your relatives live couldn't be less relevant to this conversation. This is about urban planning and it makes ZERO sense to spend billions providing rail service to the least dense sector of the city.

Maybe you are right, we need to extend Metra to Oskosh or you are calling MY relatives "no one"!

Originally Posted by glowrock View Post
Holy dog whistle, batman!

Aaron (Glowrock)
What a stupid comment, this is why our country is failing. Every conversation needs to be about race or who is being "disadvantaged". We wouldn't want to let facts get in the way of partisan shrieking!

It's a fact, no one lives there relative to just about anywhere else in the city. It would be far more useful to extend the blue line to Woodfield or Oakbrook than serving a bunch of SFHs 15 miles from downtown. Notice how much more dense the Howard Redline is than the last four or five stops on the Dan Ryan.
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