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Originally Posted by Nexis4Jersey View Post
WOW , this really shows how much people in California are not always Car Commuters. How much of that is Rail?
Well, let's tally it up.

Agency - Average Weeday Unlinked Rail Trips

BART - 354,800
Muni - 186,200
Caltrain - 40,300
VTA - 33,200
Capitol Corridor - 5,000
ACE - 3,700
San Joaquins- 2,600

Let's give only half the ridership to the Bay Area for intercity railroads--it's just easier that way. Capitol Corridor is a Bay Area/Sacramento intercity railroad, and the San Joaqins are the Bay Area/Stockton intercity.

I would award all the ACE ridership to the Bay Area since it leaves the Bay Area but doesn't really hit any sizeable urbanized area. My only issue here is the lack of any verifiable ridership info--this stat comes from Wikipedia, but I can't verify it independently. The broken link was to an APTA Q3 2008 document. Since ridership on the nearby San Joaquins fell 20.56% in one recessionary year, it seems only reasonable to chop 20% off the top of this older ACE stat as well.

All told, that yields roughly 621,260 by rail on a regular workday in the Bay Area.
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