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Originally Posted by fflint View Post
KRON 4 reporter Mark Jones reported on the 6pm show this evening that BART moved 88,000 passengers out of downtown San Francisco within one hour after the New Year's Eve fireworks show. That's twice as fast as moving a slightly smaller crowd last year. They did it by splitting passengers up, according to final destination, between Embarcadero and Montgomery stations. BART officials intend to do this next NYE, as well as other big event nights including the 4th of July. They also beefed up the police presence 50%, and there was not a single arrest.

I'd say BART deserves some credit for keeping it together this time.
BART worked MUCH better getting people out of San Francisco than it did in getting people INTO San Francisco on NYE. The signs/warnings of service changes were not readily available in Oakland or Berkeley heading into the city, but were much better marked when heading back out of the city.

One thing beyond BART's control was a major outage of the ATM/Debit/Credit systems on NYE, which made paying for tickets very difficult, if not impossible for those of us who didn't have enough cash for our tickets and intended to use plastic to pay for fares...

For the record, I had gotten to Emeryville on NYE, took BART to San Francisco from the Ashby Station in Berkeley... Only found out later that it would have probably been easier to just travel to and from the Macarthur Station, but oh well...

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