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Originally Posted by Busy Bee View Post
While its obviously an improvemnet because it DOES look like it belongs in this century, my first impression is meh. Metra still does not a have a strong brand identity and i think it may have something to do with the average age of those administrators (check out those little pics)
Nitpick, but the Board of Directors aren't administrators. The board, composed of political appointees, meets once a month to oversee the administration being performed day-to-day by professional staff, and vote on broader strategic level issues and high-value contract awards.

A big part of the lack of brand identity probably results from modern-day Metra being composed of a hodgepodge of private operations, some of which (the Union Pacific lines, formerly Chicago&Northwestern) are still contracted out. If anything, I'd actually say that between the rail fleet and graphics standards Metra has done remarkably well at establishing a uniform identity for a system that is composed of parts from 6(?) different private rail operations that were only brought together in the past few decades.
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