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Originally Posted by SIGSEGV View Post
This is because 0.1% of people wondering about the positives of climate change are interested in rational debate on the topic and the other 99.9% are disingenuous denialists.

Yes climate change will make some currently uninhabitable places more habitable at the cost of making many currently intensely inhabited places uninhabitable. Woohoo? I guess everyone from Jakarta can move to Whitehorse and we'll rebuild Manhattan in Yakutsk.

Sure it's possible to do an economic analysis of the issue. We can start with the costs of inaction:
Since you are talking about my question, I'll explain why I asked:

First, the professor had a full day of us just asking him questions about climate change. People ran out of question as most students don't give a damn, they just want to pass.

Second, the professor pretty much said there is very little we can do as one nation so a lot of what we can do is retrofitting and changing the way we currently live here in the US(we consume too much etc. etc.). So it got me will hurt places like the US, but what positives could it bring to other places.

My question was entirely academic. In an academic environment, no question or thought should be off the table. For the record, my professor is a good friend of mine. We are working on a paper together. I'm not some "denialist" or whatever else people here brand anyone who doesn't just follow in step 1000% everything that is said to them.