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Originally Posted by PhilliesPhan View Post
I'm proud to have been one of the people who voted for Gauthier yesterday morning. Jannie Blackwell has been running West Philly since I was growing up near 52nd and Haverford in the 2000s. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to kick her out of the 3rd District!

The next step should be to work towards kicking Kenyatta Johnson and Darrell Clarke out of their respective offices. The gap between Johnson and Vidas wasn't that far apart, and I believe that he can be gone with another election cycle and more development in his district. Also, I believe that taking the 5th from Clarke is easier than some people think. the 5th District includes CC, Fishtown, and neighborhoods that continue to change as newcomers move further into North Philly (seems like an unbelievable statement to make, even as recently as five years ago!). Plus, his district has an asset that many people overlook: the student population of Temple University. There are more students who live on and off campus than there are people who turned out to vote for Clarke. Engaging the newer residents of the district, plus holding a massive drive to register Temple students to vote in Philadelphia County, could remove him from office.

At some point, I'm going to make a second foray into Philly politics (I was going to run for Ward Committeeperson, but I was in my senior year at Temple). I believe the time is right for young, energized candidates, especially those who are natives. The only issue is that I'm 23, so I can't run for too many positions yet. I already know people and, potentially, PACs who would back me should I end up running.
Agree. Now we need some Gauthier-type candidates to challenge Clarke and Johnson in the next cycle. In my opinion, they are the most problematic council members remaining. Certainly among the most anti-development, except perhaps when it's their personal friends bidding for a contract or jockeying for a landbank property. Great to see new blood. Good luck!
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