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why? whhyyy?

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Why Did America Give Up on Mass Transit? (Don't Blame Cars.)

Streetcar, bus, and metro systems have been ignoring one lesson for 100 years: Service drives demand.

Jonathan English

One hundred years ago, the United States had a public transportation system that was the envy of the world.

Today, outside a few major urban centers, it is barely on life support.

Even in New York City, subway ridership is well below its 1946 peak.

Annual per capita transit trips in the U.S. plummeted from 115.8 in 1950 to 36.1 in 1970, where they have roughly remained since, even as population has grown.

This has not happened in much of the rest of the world.


WMATA/Shutterstock/Madison McVeigh/CityLab
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