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I'm glad the Venture coaches are starting to enter service in the Midwest. Seems like they have sorted out the lead-in-water issue with only about 6 months of delay, I was worried it would spiral out into years. I just saw 4 more Venture coaches arrive in Chicago yesterday from the plant in CA.

I have to say the interiors look very underwhelming in photos. If you're not looking closely it might as well be a Horizon or Amfleet... if we're gonna run passenger service that is a joke in the developed world, we might as well have some style at least. Why is the ceiling just a flat gray? Where is the mood lighting that is basically standard on all airliners now? I'm not really impressed by USB ports, especially when the Amfleets have had on-board outlets for years.

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We're actually 14th. The various South Pacific island nations lead the world. I am surprised Australia and New Zealand rank as high as they do. I would have thought both countries, especially New Zealand, are healthy.
I'm not surprised, ANZAC/Canada are the closest approximations to US lifestyle outside of the US. The Pacific Island nations are sort of asterisked as those groups have a strong genetic predisposition to larger bodies/higher BMI. Calling that "obesity" implies that it's pathological, but for those groups it's perfectly healthy to have higher BMI (I admit there may be additional issues in those groups with modern diets, etc).
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