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Originally Posted by plutonicpanda View Post
No kidding. I tend to agree that these single tunnels that have limited access points don't make much sense, I always took the Boring Company to be more or less trying to get better tunnel boring engineering methods that can reduce costs. No reason transit authorities across the globe couldn't utilize it which would benefit high capacity rail/bus transit.
25+ companies around the world build tunnel boring machines - thousands of them each year. But Musk - and Musk alone - possesses singular insight. The Boring Company effing bought existing TBM's, threw their logo on them, and the fanboys were fooled into thinking Musk had improved on an existing design.

He's just like Donald Trump. He built one tower in Manhattan in the early 80s and he had everyone believing he was the biggest developer in the city. Otherwise he just lends his name to other people's projects. Musk is no different - he didn't found Tesla, he bought into it, and made himself the face of the whole wildly subsidized scam. He bought TBM's and put his logo on them. It's one thing after another.

Musk is going to be the first person on Mars. He is going down in history as one of the greatest humans ever to live. Mark my words. You got people on this forum, and all over the internet, mocking him. Sad.
He's no Thomas Edison. Read my previous comment - he buys into other people's ideas and tricks people like you into thinking he came up with them. Space X hasn't done a damn thing that NASA or other for-profit companies didn't do decades or even 50 years ago. McDonald-Douglas built a self-landing rocket back in the 90s but nobody remembers it because they didn't have a Donald Trump CEO tricking journalists and dominating the news.
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