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Originally Posted by plutonicpanda View Post
Living in 50k prefab house in Texas working alongside his employees to build a rocket to Mars, running an electric car company that single handedly transformed the entire automotive industry in less than a decade, making people millionaires left and right with stock trading, promoting a mass transit mode that would 3x as fast as anything that exists today, apart from making other science fiction ideas a reality. What are you doing besides having cocaine fueled rants on a talk forum about people that are widely more successful than you?
This is sarcasm here right? Because Elon ain't doing any of that, sorry to break it to you. You really believe the 50k house lie? That's been debunked, he's living it up in a fucking mansion. Another one of his compulsive lies.

Elon doesn't run shit, he just has ownership. He sits on his ass while other people are hired and payed to run his companies. He doesn't even have an engineering degree and you really think he's building rockets to mars with his hands??? LOLOLOL.

Mass transit? A kiddie ride has better throughput than Elon's Vegas deathtrap. I mean you have to be joking right?? The truth is right in front of you. Otherwise I really pity you. This is some serious boot licking.
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