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Originally Posted by hammersklavier View Post
You must look at these things as an engineer. It's not just enough to make an investment; you must also make the most productive investment possible. And to do that, you have to balance benefits against costs. The most productive investments have the highest benefit relative to cost; they are not necessarily those with the highest costs or the highest absolute benefits. Don't be fooled by the numbers: crunch them.

Engineering isn't about making political coalitions. It's about making the numbers work. It's about understanding what the best possible project actually is, rather than just taking what someone else says ipso facto.
May I ask if your an Engineer? I look at this from a Rail Prescriptive which I have extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn't and things that should be done... Sometimes I feel like there's a disconnect between Engineers and Urban Planners and the Rail community , often plans come with flaws or skip important populated areas.... So to say an Engineer would have a better view then say a Rail employee or volunteer isn't all that correct... Why is Philly the only region complaining about the New and Expanded plan , everyone else loves it...? Sure some stations will be bypassed by with a New station but the old station will be getting more services not less.... Ive noticed quite a few people in Philly and along Coastal CT suggest Amtrak is abandoning them and thats not the case...HSR is splitting from Intercity , in most cases more services like Downstate Delaware , Cape Codder , Northwestern , Lehigh and Lackawanna are all new lines along with Ethan Allen , Vermonter , Berkshires , Concord Express... PA and Northeast are getting more not disgusts me that the PA Rail community is making sound like Amtrak is abandoning 30th street when its not the only station that is being dropped is Cornwall Heights... Of course the PA Rail community is one of the largest , and I can't say the whole community is twisting the words but there's a vocal few that are....
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