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Originally Posted by aquablue View Post
If no new line is needed south of NY for HSR, why is there a massive Amtrak plan which proposes just that at a cost over 100B dollars and a time period of 30 years or so? Also, isn't a new segregated line needed for such high speeds due to FRA regulations?

Also where is your source for the latest plan that you describe, I want to see the link. Having no line to GCT is a bummer, as that connection is needed to bring njT trains to the East side of Manhattan.
The 100+ billion is broken down into replacing or renovating all the Viaducts , Stations , Bridges , Tunnels and Grade Separating Every Railway JCT south of NYC....along with the new Bypasses in Baltimore , Wilmington , Philly and Newark. Then you have other projects which are more so state projects , but Amtrak seems to indicate Running them like the Downstate Delaware Network which would run from Newark to Ocean City via Dover and Salisbury and another branch via Milford , or the Lehigh line from Harrisburg to Newark via Reading and Allentown , or the Northwest Service between Baltimore and Harrisburg via York or the Cape Codder between New York and Cape Cod via Providence.... These projects without a doubt are going to be folded into the final cost.

Upgrading the Old NEC is pegged at 54 billion , at least the old plan was between DC and Boston replacing all the Bridges , Tunnels , Wires , adding new tracks or restoring trackage in Maryland , Delaware , New Jersey , New York , Connecticut and Rhode Island , high level platforming all stations , Curve Straightening and grade separating....

The New line will cost 60 billion , and the various feeders between 10-15 billion...alot of the feeders are underway or funding being sought as we speak. The States will build these lines as Diesel then Amtrak will electrify them later on...none of these projects are expensive , the Lackawanna line might cost close 2 billion due to 4 viaducts needing to be overhauled and a few curves eliminated. But Most will cost between 40 & 400 million , Delaware has the cheapest network....the question is whether it will be entirely grade separated allowing for mini HSR up to 135mph. The Feeders will be Mini High Speed lines....

Northeast Master Plan , the Lehigh , Northwest , Cape Codder are State Proposals....

New Northeast Corridor HSR Plan

NE Megapolis HSR Map - 2050 plan

Old Plan....

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