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Originally Posted by Nexis4Jersey View Post
With the Curves fixed around Metuchen and the Curve/Viaduct Replacing in Elizabeth you can hit 200mph in New Jersey south of Newark. PA , Delaware and Maryland are different stories all Major cities need a bypass they are just to tight even if the people on this Forum moan and grip about there favorite stations being shifted around. The Bypass Sections are the New Tracks south of New York other then that the Corridor will be expanded from 4 to 6 tracks in parts of New Jersey , up to 5 tracks in PA , up to 4 tracks in Delaware and up to 5 tracks in Maryland... The Extra tracks are for Regional Rail and Intercity Rail Expansions and Freight which uses the line on weekends and at night... No New completely separated line is Needed at least South of New York. Theres Rumored a Newark Bypass is in the works , which by 2030 would be needed as Newark would become a Philly or Baltimore are....

The New England line will be separated , this keeps moving around. The First vision was to Tunnel from Penn Station to Grand Central then to White Plains , then hug I-684 /84 to Danbury/Waterbury/Hartford > Woonsocket > Boston. Now they reduced costs by cutting off the through service to Grand Central. The line will now just go through Penn Station , continue you up to near Port Chester and break off towards I-684..they also changed Woonsocket , now instead it will be Providence which is a better choice. It would intersect at every city in New England with a connecting Rail Service.... NIMBYS will be a huge problem for this line ,however there is an untapped Commuter Rail potential between Danbury and Hartford and Hartford and Providence , add Commuter rail to the line while making it slightly more costly would probably reduce the amount of NIMBYs since there's now a local benefit.
If no new line is needed south of NY for HSR, why is there a massive Amtrak plan which proposes just that at a cost over 100B dollars and a time period of 30 years or so? Also, isn't a new segregated line needed for such high speeds due to FRA regulations?

Also where is your source for the latest plan that you describe, I want to see the link. Having no line to GCT is a bummer, as that connection is needed to bring njT trains to the East side of Manhattan.
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