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I thought of this in another thread in the cityscape forum but I just have to post it here, (edited slightly to fit the context of this thread).

Actually thinking more about the possible airport connections, and keeping in mind the airport express that will exist between downtown to O'Hare and Midway (and presumably Gary/Chicago someday), there could be a similar Tri-Airport connector service to serve those who are just in Chicago to transfer planes at different airports. It would have the same concept as the airport express (your baggage would be automatically tranfered there), it would have stops just at the three airports, probably following a route leaving O'Hare and eventually connecting with the tracks by Cicero Avenue, stopping at Midway and then cutting over towards the southeast eventually ending up at Gary/Chicago. I suppose it might not be necessary since if there are three airport express trains going downtown already, those transfering between airports could just go to Block 37 and transfer from one line to the other, but that would still involve another transfer of luggage that might have complications while a Tri-Airport connector would only involve one transfer of people and luggage instead of two. So the Block 37 trains will be for those going to and from downtown and the Tri-Airport connector would be for those just transfering planes between two airports. The idea I guess is to make transfering planes at two different airports almost as easy as transfering planes at one airport. Shit if this all came to pass, we would not only be the larges air-hub in the world, but the three airports would almost act as one and be the most transit accessible on the planet by far.

Did that make sense or did I confuse anyone?
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