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Originally Posted by KWILLSKYLINE View Post
Bvic or anyone else, iv'e heard of this cassion process before but have never seen it. It seems much more time consuming than the drilling. Whats the reason for using one process over the other? My guess would first be financial reasons but I have no clue. I know you guys talked about soil quality early but can someone post some information on why you would use one method over the other depending on soil? I would appreciate it.
Caissons are a bit more tedious and expensive, but either are acceptable and support the building in a similar manor. The main pilings around the core will still be capped and connected with a mat.

In terms of time consuming, I think it's probably less in man hours because of the crews required.

The rental building going up on Wabash just north of Roosevelt used pilings.

And as you can see, they're still going down 85' or so.