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Originally Posted by bilbao58 View Post
I can see Mousquet’s photos now...and yours as well. That first one of trees in Mississauga is GORGEOUS!
Thanks, I appreciate it.

Originally Posted by mousquet View Post
Voilà. I guess you guys can see it all now. Thank you for letting me know about my mistake.

I didn't want it to be tedious to me, but it eventually was as hell.
I had to edit all posts, but left my commentary untouched because that was how I felt on that day, and I think comments add a bit of rhythm and life to pictures.

Yes, I can see your photos.
All these, whether you'd find them good or bad are the property of, not mine.
bilbao58 said he could see them even before your edits, but I still couldn't but I can now, which makes me happy because Paris is such a beautiful city. But I'm confused. Why are the photos not your property? You shouldn't give up the rights to your photos. I think you will be more motivated to learn and photograph if you do it for yourself instead of for someone else.

I am kinda new to photography too, I bought my first camera ever only 15 years ago. I just bought a new one a few months ago that I am still learning.

I noticed a lot of your photos dominated by shadows. Very harsh lighting due lack of clouds. Maybe you should try photographing more with the sun instead of against the sun, or wait for cloudy day. If you want sun, maybe wait for partly cloudly sky for less harsh light.
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