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Originally Posted by left of center View Post
I believe the NBC tower is one block to the east of this development, across Cityfront Plaza. The proposed tower will be occupying the southwest corner of Illinois & Cityfront, whereas the blank wall along NBC spans a full block of Illinois, between Cityfront and Columbus.

But to answer your question, if anything is built to the north of NBC tower, yes they would be able to put a lowrise portion of it within the confines of the view corridor in order to meet up with the NBC tower party wall. Its much like 465 N Park, the tower portion is to the north of the lot, with a lowrise section in the view corridor that meets up with the lowrise base of the Loews Hotel.
Oh right. Sorry about that. I had it in my mind the lot to be developed was the lot between the NBC Tower so the south and the building that houses a Whole Foods to the north (where upper Illinois ends at Columbus Drive, I think called the Fairbanks at Cityfront?). Now I realize the lot for this development is the one directly west of this one (across Cityfront Plaza). Thanks!