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Originally Posted by OhioGuy View Post
Yup, I just wasn’t sure if the base of this proposed tower could extend south to meet up level with the blank wall from the NBC Tower, as long as the new tower is situated on the north end of the lot to keep the site line open? Or if constructing any structure on the south end of the lot above the street level of Illinois Street and Cityfront Plaza Drive would compromise the site line too much?
I believe the NBC tower is one block to the east of this development, across Cityfront Plaza. The proposed tower will be occupying the southwest corner of Illinois & Cityfront, whereas the blank wall along NBC spans a full block of Illinois, between Cityfront and Columbus.

But to answer your question, if anything is built to the north of NBC tower, yes they would be able to put a lowrise portion of it within the confines of the view corridor in order to meet up with the NBC tower party wall. Its much like 465 N Park, the tower portion is to the north of the lot, with a lowrise section in the view corridor that meets up with the lowrise base of the Loews Hotel.