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Originally Posted by memph View Post
Conclusion: I think it'll provide a lot of benefits, facilitate redevelopment of parking lots/garages in DTLA and allow new office buildings to be built without having to invest in as much parking. It'll also help support infill. But it won't lead to a huge paradigm shift in transit use, like I wouldn't expect NYC or Paris levels of ridership. But it could still lead to a decent increase in transit use (especially if new housing + employment is built near transit).
I think that it depends on the goal.

If the goal is to generate as much transit ridership as possible, then the solution is probably to invest in commuter services to downtown, and build a subway system in Central LA.

If the goal is to serve as many people as possible, but not necessarily generate the most rides, then the solution is to build a county-wide light rail system, as they are doing.
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