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All Canadian cities seem to be investing heavily into their transit systems and much of this is due to Trudeau sending tens of billions their way strictly for urban transit. He has even set aside billions for transit agencies to get rid of all their diesel buses and transform over to zero emissions ones.

For the US, the situation is a little less rosy as the big infrastructure fund was shrunk down so much that most of the transportation funding will go to highways and Amtrac most of which will be spent in NY on a tunnel.

Of course there are many US cities that have done little to improve their systems over the years like Chicago, Boston, and Philly and it shows with some of their rotting stations and rolling stock that looks like it should be moved to the Smithsonian.

There are many US cities with just rudimentary transit systems but the biggest failure, by far, is Detroit. It doesn't have any form of rapid transit and has none under construction or even proposed. Even BRT seems just too much for this city of 4 million. For a city the size and importance of Detroit, to not have any form of rapid transit {little alone even a passable regular bus service} is scandalous but probably even more unbelievable is that the vast majority of Detroiters don't seem to care.
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