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Originally Posted by kittyhawk28 View Post
Southern California, probably has by far the most rapid rail transit expansion programme in the country over the next 2 decades. LA Metro is doubling the size of its rail network in the next 10 years to 200 miles, and will likely triple the current network at full planned buildout by the 2040s-2050s (pending likely new rail transit tax measures) to up to 300 miles of light rail/subway across LA County. San Diego, as mentioned earlier, has a $160 billion vision to expand and reshape rail transit across the county. The Link Union Station Project will almost double Metrolink/Amtrak frequency and capacity by 2028, and Metrolink's $10 billion SCORE program will ensure at least 30 minute bi-directional frequencies on all Metrolink lines by 2028 through increased double tracking. Not to mention countless BRT projects planned.
I'm just concerned that LA's light rail is largely slow and street running unlike Seattle's Link, whose future expansions will be grade separated and be as subway like as possible.

The prioritization of rail projects in LA is also weird. East San Fernando Valley gets a street running LRT while the Vermont Corridor has to settle for BRT when it should be getting a grade separated LRT at least. LA is almost too pro-transit for its own good. Every suburb screams for light rail. In San Diego, the suburbs are all NIMBY which forces SANDAG to concentrate building rail in the urban core.
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