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One problem with American transit is it only serves centralized places of employment. It doesn't get people to sunday afternoon dentist appointments or that fun restaurant on the other side of town, and you can't take it to enjoy a day at the beach or go hiking. LA interestingly could be an exception to this rule, only because of it's awesome geographic location making leisure and "staycation" activities right there in the city, and almost-dense-yet-decentralized layout of the place where there's all sorts of stuff along major roads.

But I wouldn't want to be carless in Dallas-Fort Worth even if there was a multi-line metro system here, because you just couldn't go and do anything. I feel like a lot of Americans probably feel this way.

For these reasons I think buses should get more attention since they can go more places. I like Colorado's Bustang system. Also there should be subsidized, loss-leader low ridership routes to high value destinations if it means more people use transit overall. A bus to a regional park. A bus to the city's largest mall. A bus to the medical center. And so forth.
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