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Originally Posted by Bonsai Tree View Post
And? Most of the notable structures in Europe are taxidermy then.
Well, some of the things done in Dresden in the 2000s are most curious, but that was a deliberate decision to try to rebuild the Altstadt as best they could, for reasons of urbanism and also as a counterpoint to the decades of socialist towers in the park. Warsaw made the same decision, but 50 years earlier, when they built buildings with the same function as the old. Dresden starts to approach stage-set design by putting a modern convention center and hotel behind four-meter-wide marktbauen.

"Data center" is a pipe dream, although Related did look at the property hoping that could work. Remember, this "building" has no interior floors; just catwalks and piping around the boilers. So if you've built a new skeleton and put on a new skin, what exactly have you preserved? The idea of an industrial structure?
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