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Originally Posted by SamInTheLoop View Post
^ So this tenant is now leaning toward 151 over 130? Interesting....

I have no inside knowledge as to the tenant in question....

Would you say if it is a law firm or not?

If it's a law firm, my guess would be Sidley....

If it's not a law firm.....hmmmm.....may have a guess or two there as well....

At any rate, great to hear of large prospective lease activity at our next office towers to break ground....I've also heard in the last month or two that there's increasing interest among tenants in new construction in general, and in particular I've heard 130 Franklin mentioned as garnering a harder look from tenants that are out there shopping around for a move l3-4 years from now.....
Correct they are deciding between staying put, 151 and 130 It is not a law firm. I heard a decision will be made soon.