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Originally Posted by Arm&Kedzie View Post
^ Can't tell if this is an optical illusion or am I seeing this correctly... A skid steer with a jackhammer on the second floor busting out the concrete ceiling/floor? Seems a bit dodgy to me.
Originally Posted by James_Mac View Post
I stood transfixed watching it for at least 10 minutes today. The whole roof shook quite dramatically as that thing knocked out the sections of the roof. There were construction workers quite close to it -- rather them than me.

I was most excited to see that they've finally torn down that food shack on the southeast corner of the lot. It always looked to me as if it would be better suited in a third world county than the center of downtown Chicago.
This is actually a common demolition method for small concrete structures. For example here is a timelapse of the 200 N Michigan demoliton