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Originally Posted by Zapatan View Post
Wasn't there also speculation that some condos could be moved to this building from the other 600 footer in this development that was shortened to a 500 footer? If so it could still be a 300+.

From the looks of the diagram we saw, 950 looks like the main roof without the parapet anyway.

With the condo market as hot as it is they should really get digging.
Somebody can correct me if I’m wrong but don’t shifts in FAR areas between PD subareas trigger the new ARO (even if originally approved before it took effect)? I remember reading some material on it that detailed a *pretty long* list of expanded actions that can trigger it now.

Also I’m curious about what other’s opinions are on the condo market downtown. From what I understand the super-high end market has managed to do well to the advantage of Tribune Tower and St Regis but the rest of the downtown market has been pretty lackluster to the detriment of Cirrus (supposedly) and 1000M (seeing as how it switched to rental). Do you think Parcel I will stand out enough to perform with the likes of Tribune/St Regis or will we be seeing a shift in programming similar to 1000M?
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