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This 53-story office tower is envisioned by New York-based developer Tishman Speyer, to be built on a vacant lot at the corner of North Franklin and West Washington Streets, the lot is currently the only vacant site in the northwest part of the Loop district, the previous building was demolished in 2003.
The developer proposed the project in 2012, and received approval from the city in 2015, but has been unable to find an anchored tenant, leaving the site vacant till this day. The deadline to get started on this project is September 2022, if the developer still doesn’t move on with it by that time, the approval received years ago will expire, then the developer has to start with a new project or they can transfer the property to other developers. Anyway, a skyscraper or a supertall tower will eventually be built here, for the site is located in the most sought-after area in the city and is the only vacant site in the area.
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