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Originally Posted by jpIllInoIs View Post
Nice update! Slide 1 is the new Wells st underpass connecting to Wentworth. There is also and existing underpass that needed upgrading and a new approach angle correct?
There are two new bridges as part of this project - the first one (on the north) is on Wells, below the St Charles Air Line. That bridge has been completed for over a year (but not yet placed in service). There was an old underpass at that location, but it was ripped out and replaced.

The 2nd bridge to the south is the one in the photo, on Wentworth under CN's Freeport Sub tracks.

FYI - while digging into this a bit, it looks like Related stopped discussions with Metra and the freight railroads about 2 years ago and has not resumed. Not a great sign for the relocation of Metra Rock Island tracks or the new Red Line stop.

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