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Originally Posted by tech12 View Post
You're wrong, as has been explained to you multiple times.
Wrong again.

BART is a primarily suburban, Oakland-centered system. The vast majority of stations, route miles, infrastructure and ridership originates from the East Bay. It's headquartered in Oakland. BART has only one line with a few stations serving SF. There's nothing preventing BART from running more trains. The capacity exists. But it doesn't, bc it's a functionally commuter rail system, not an urban rail system. There is no need to run trains every 2 minutes between Hayward and Fremont. The ridership is overwhelming peak travel and home-work oriented, like almost all commuter rail lines.

In contrast, MUNI is an urban system, centered on downtown SF, serving high frequencies, and with heavy off-peak service, and not necessarily for work commutes. It's usage mirrors that of other urban transit systems.

Big difference in system functionality.
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