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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
No, it's functionally commuter rail. MUNI is the urban light metro serving SF.

No, BART has inferior frequencies because it's lower ridership commuter rail. There's nothing preventing BART from running more trains, as only one portion crosses the bay. BART is overwhelmingly an East Bay, Oakland-centered service.
You're wrong, as has been explained to you multiple times.

BART is a hybrid system that acts more like a traditional metro in the core of the system (SF/Oakland/Berkeley, where lines converge, there are more stations, and frequencies are good), and a commuter system out in the suburbs (just one or two stops per town, mostly for ferrying people to downtown SF, and to a lesser extent downtown Oakland or elsewhere). SF is the biggest downtown that is served by the system, by far (almost like it's the primary downtown of the entire Bay Area), and the SF section of track has the highest density of stations, and serves the most densely populated parts of the Bay Area (or any city outside of NYC). Meaning, there are a massive amount of passengers to serve that are going to and from SF. To say that BART is "overwhelmingly an East Bay, Oakland-centered service" is silly as hell.
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