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Originally Posted by jmecklenborg View Post
You will not be able to do a one-seat ride from Everett to Tacoma. There will be a transfer at or near Federal Way, south of SeaTac.
No, there will be a transfer in Downtown Seattle.

The current 1 Line will run from Tacoma to Everett based on current extensions at each end (Federal Way 2024, Lynnwood 2024) and planned extensions (Tacoma Dome 2032, Everett 2037-41).

However when they build the new line from Ballard (2037-39) to West Seattle (2032), they'll create an X with the existing line, so the Everett line goes to West Seattle and the Tacoma line to Ballard.

Tacoma has a streetcar that's also called Link and is also being expanded.
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