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Originally Posted by nomarandlee View Post
Now it is left to be seen if the low-rise buildings south of London House will make way for a building that equals 300 N.Michigan or will be the last possibility to break through that cluster and distinguish itself. I wonder when those low-rise buildings will give way. Granted it's a small parcel.
That would be a pretty tight space to work in. Those parcels are irregularly shaped lots and would need to be set back from 320 S Michigan due to city fire code with the building's north facing windows. I don't think any development there could realistically be all that tall. And honestly, I wouldn't want something monolithic to be so close to the London Guarantee Building and overshadow it.

The best potential redevelopment plots in the immediate area would be the Seventeenth Church of Christ Scientist, which is not going anywhere anytime soon, or maybe the Hotel Monaco site on Wabash and Wacker, which currently occupies more than half the block when you include the garage entrance.
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