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Originally Posted by HVAC_Zach View Post
New poster here. I am also in the camp that holds appreciation for this building. It adds a fresh look to the beautiful and historic cluster.
welcome to the forum, but lol. fresh look? are you aware of BMO, BofA, WPE, WPS, OCS, Essex on the Park, 151 N Franklin, etc.? Right behind it are Vista and Aqua, which look like glass rectangles from many skyline angles.

Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
It's funny, even without thinking about east or west, I saw that pic and immediately thought "morning".

I've gotten so used to seeing where the sunlight falls on Chicago's skyline and being able to instantly know whether it is morning or evening, without having to even think about it.
but the photos are taken in the afternoon... are you mistaking dusk and dawn? or your own ability to recognize them?
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