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Originally Posted by SIGSEGV View Post
I don't know, I don't think it makes sense to put a giant basketball Arena downtown. What would it displace? Better as you said that development reaches there.

On a different note, not sure how much of this has already been discussed or known, but here is what Reilly said in his newsletter today:
I really liked the 'floating top' design of 640 W Washington. Looks like that is being scrapped. Was this pushback from the 'too tall NIMBY's' or just something Crescent Heights decided?

See original rendering as well as the Google Drive link from Reilly blurb above.

Was also pretty slender/attractive from the North and South. Basically 0% of what I like from renderings ever gets built. (Edit: to be fair its more like 15% to 20%)

Also here's a link 527 W Kinzie. Everything's coming back from the dead now ha.

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